Episode 10: 5 Reasons NOT to Send Gifts to an Estranged Adult Child

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Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving Day will soon be here. In this season of gratitude, many estranged parents continue to send gifts to their estranged adult children without receiving a thank-you.

Sending a gift might seem like a harmless way to stay in contact with your distancing adult child, but that lack of gratitude suggests this may not be the case.

Why would adults who were raised with good manners behave in what seems like such a rude fashion? They’re not behaving this way for no reason; consider it a red flag and stop sending those gifts.

The scary truth for parents is that in many cases, you could actually prolong your child’s estrangement by continuing to send gifts, money, or even cards that get no response.

This episode goes into five reasons why parents shouldn’t send any more gifts to estranged adult children if they haven’t been well received in the past.

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