Episode 11: How Often Should You Reach Out to an Estranged Adult Child?

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The question of how often to reach out to an estranged adult child is probably one of the top concerns of rejected parents. That’s mostly because they’re in a hurry to resolve the situation, which is understandable. They want to know how soon they can try again.

If you’re feeling anxious about when you can or should contact your estranged child, please listen to Episode 1 to get another perspective.

Unfortunately, there’s no formula that every parent can apply when it comes to a schedule of contact. Some should probably step back entirely for a while, others have adult kids who might actually respond to weekly texts, and there’s a whole range of conditions in between.

Nevertheless there are several facts that every estranged parent should probably be aware of when thinking about a contact plan.

This episode explains why less is most likely more when it comes to reaching out to your child, especially if he or she has asked for no contact.

We talk a lot about contact schedules inside the Reconnection Club, and there’s a monthly Q&A call where you can ask a question specific to your situation. To learn more about Club membership, visit reconnectionclub.com/learn-more.

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