Episode 119: Finding Out Where the Boundaries Are

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Parents of adult children, whether estranged or not, sometimes (or often) bump into boundaries they didn’t know were there.

They might be asked to call before dropping in, to speak to their child’s spouse a certain way, or to respect a grandchild’s dietary restrictions, bedtime or other limits.

Even when boundary lines are clearly drawn, they can be a source of friction in the parent-adult child relationship. But when boundaries are unclear or seem to change constantly, parents may feel both frustrated and insecure.

The “walking on eggshells” feeling that many parents experience around their adult children is in large part a fear of crossing invisible lines.

In this episode, Tina offers some thoughts about boundaries, including why your adult child may appear to be withholding information about them, and how to find out where the lines really are.

For practical tips on how to repair estranged relationships with adult children and their spouses or partners, see Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.

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