Episode 128: “Working On Yourself” (Part 2)

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Smart parents are keen not to waste time during estrangement from their adult child(ren). So they set about working on themselves in a good-faith effort to prepare for reconnection.

If you have the time, energy and support for personal development, you’re ahead of the pack.

But what does “working on yourself” really mean?

And who are you doing it for?

And is “working on oneself” really the best phrase to capture the gold in the process?

In Episodes 127 and 128 (this page), Tina shares her thoughts about parents working on themselves during unwanted estrangement.

As always, she offers practical advice to help you make the most of your efforts.

For information on how to repair the parent-adult child relationship, read Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.

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