Episode 132: Self-Care for Parents of Estranged Adult Children

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The people who most need self-care are the least likely to focus on it. So if the whole idea of self-care seems boring to you, you might want to force yourself to listen to this episode!

It’s stressful to be estranged from your own adult child or children. Maybe there are also grandchildren involved, adding another layer of suffering to the unwanted separation.

The grief that comes along with missing family members and milestones is deep and devastating for rejected parents. That’s why Tina recorded this episode about self-care, just for parents of estranged adult children.

Some of her tips might be familiar. But others may offer a new perspective. This episode is intended to inspire you to take action to make sure you’re receiving the care and attention you need during the challenging time of estrangement.

(If you prefer reading to listening, check out the article on which this episode is based.)

For information on how to repair the parent-adult child relationship, read Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.

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