Episode 135: On Being Manipulative (Part 1)

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“Manipulative.” It’s an intimidating word, especially when other people apply it to us. What do they mean when they say we’re being manipulative?

Some parents of estranged adult children are well acquainted with the word and the concept of manipulation. Either they’ve been accused of being manipulative themselves, or they find their adult child(ren)’s behavior to be manipulative.

But what is manipulation, and what makes it feel so bad on the receiving end?

If someone you love has accused you of being manipulative in the relationship you share, how do you understand what they’re talking about, and how can you change your behavior if needed?

And if you feel manipulated by your adult child(ren), how can you think about their behavior in a way that safeguards your love and tenderness toward them, while also preserving your integrity?

These are the questions Tina tackles in Episodes 135 and 136.

This is a two-parter. Click on the player below to listen to Part 1, and when you’re done, here’s Part 2.

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