Episode 139: Emotions of Estrangement, Part 1

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The pain of estrangement from an adult child or children is, for many parents, excruciating. Some describe it as the worst they’ve ever felt. It’s overwhelming, and feels unending.

But to say that you’re in pain is not the full story. It’s just a disturbing headline with no further information. To deal with pain, we must know its name.

What is your pain?

Is it sadness? Grief? Dread?

Is it resentment? Anger? Regret?

Any and every emotion you might experience during estrangement is normal. In this important 2-part episode (listen to Part 2 here), Tina talks about the feelings above, as well as others, and what to do with them.

Rack up EQ points listening to this miniseries released in honor of American Heart Month. Use the player below to listen now.

IMPORTANT: Trauma is not an emotion. It may need to be addressed in the safety of a therapeutic relationship with a qualified trauma professional.

For information on what causes estrangement, and ideas on how to repair your parent-adult child relationship, read Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.

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