Episode 142: The Race to Reconnect

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As soon as they realize their adult child or children are estranged, most parents will try to reestablish a connection as quickly as possible.

And while it’s only natural to do so, racing to reconnect can lead to wasted time and energy — and sadly, needless extra suffering.

In this short but vital episode, Tina explains why the process of genuine reconnection is more like an egg-and-spoon race than an all-out dash to the finish line.

Estrangements can and do end spontaneously. But if you want your reconciliation with your adult child to withstand the test of time, then adopting an egg-and-spoon mindset is one way to serve that purpose.

For ideas on how to repair your parent-adult child relationship, read Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.

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