Episode 150: From Enmeshment to Estrangement (Part 2)

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A Letter From an Estranged Adult Child

On this special two-part episode of the podcast (click here for Part 1), Tina reads a letter she received from an estranged adult child whose estrangement story began with childhood enmeshment. Use the player below to listen.

You’ll learn about enmeshment’s impacts on children, and why those impacts are sometimes invisible to even loving, conscientious parents.

Listeners may gain clarity about their own situations through understanding that estrangement is not necessarily a failure of forgiveness. Estranged adult children are not necessarily stuck in the past or holding a grudge.

The message of hope is that even though the past can’t be changed, the future of your relationship with your adult child(ren) depends on what you  can do today to heal, learn and grow.

Tina wants to acknowledge and thank the person whose letter made this informative special episode possible: May you and your mother be happy, peaceful, and joyfully connected.

For ideas on how to repair your parent-adult child relationship, read Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.

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