Bookmark These Summit Links for Each Day

Hey everyone,

Yasmin Kerkez sent me the access links for each of the four days of the Moving Beyond Family Struggles Summit 2022, and invited me to share them with you.

Two things:

  • You must be registered (use the link above or click the pic), and
  • Each day opens at 9am US Pacific Time / 12 noon US Eastern. You won’t be able to watch anything before then.

If you’re interested in the Summit, be sure to bookmark this page, because here are your links for each day…

Click here on Wednesday, March 2

Click here on Thursday, March 3

Click here on Friday, March 4

Click here on Saturday, March 5

Remember, you must be registered to attend the Summit. It’s free to watch all the sessions, but only on the day they’re released.

If you have technical problems with the Summit, please email Yasmin.