Episode 23: Three Elements of a Good Apology

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If you’re having trouble in any relationship…

Especially if you’re the parent of an estranged adult child…

You can’t afford NOT to be good at apologies.

We know that people who estrange themselves from family don’t do it to be hurtful. They do it because they feel hurt in those relationships. They’re protecting themselves.

That’s why apologies are sometimes the only communication that can break through a wall of silence. Until they receive an apology, anything else is not that interesting to someone who feels hurt.

In this episode, Tina describes three elements of a good apology. Without all of these being included, your apology to your adult child (or anyone else) may fall flat.

If you’ve ever received the pseudo-apology, “I’m sorry you feel that way,” you know that apologies don’t always melt the ice. That particular version misses the mark in every way.

Find out how to craft a truly effective apology to make repairs and/or progress in any relationship.

And if you’re worried about coming across as insincere, rest assured that it’s impossible to use the elements described in this episode without the apology coming from your heart.

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