Episode 24: Yes, There Is Such a Thing as a Hopeless Case

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“What if my child never speaks to me again?” This is the worst fear for many a parent who’s estranged from their adult child(ren).

Few cases of parent-adult child estrangement are truly hopeless. But there are three situations that just might have you making your peace with never reconciling.

In this episode, Tina discusses three sets of circumstances where reconciliation is, in her opinion, unlikely. The first two have to do with the personal characteristics of your child – over which, of course, you have no control.

The third circumstance, in which the adult child accuses you or someone close to you of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, doesn’t have to be hopeless. Yes, even if you disagree with your child about the abuse, or don’t believe it ever happened, reconciliation can still be achieved.

Tina talks about options you might want to exercise for best results in all three cases.

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For differences btwn sociopathy and narcissism, see https://www.huffpost.com/entry/working-knowledge-how-to-_b_10722026.



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