Episode 29: If Your Child Asks You to Get Therapy

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“You should get therapy.”

Has your adult child said those words to you? Have they made therapy a condition of continuing the relationship?

Being told to seek therapy is no one’s idea of a compliment. But for parents of estranged adult children, it may be the start of a fantastic voyage into their own inner depths. Not to mention an unexpected portal to a better relationship with themselves and their child(ren).

What does it mean when a child suggests therapy, and what should you do if they say it’s a condition of reconciliation?

Is there anything to be gained if you don’t even want to be there? Should you go to therapy anyway?

In this episode, Tina gives five things to think about if you’re one of the many parents urged to seek therapy by an unhappy adult child.

In the end, any advice your child gives you on the way out the door is worth at least a look. Why? Your child knows you pretty well. And he won’t bother making suggestions unless he cares – at least a little bit – about the outcome.

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