Episode 30: What to Expect After Reconciliation

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Ah, reconciliation.

At last, you’ve attained the brass ring. Your adult child, previously estranged, is now back in touch. Everything’s great again.

Or is it?

Parents are largely unprepared for the fact that reconciliation is a process, not an event. Once you’re back in regular contact, there’s often a new set of challenges to face…

  • What will you and your child talk about?
  • When will you be able to let your guard down?
  • How will you avoid a repeat performance of the rejection you managed to overcome?

In this episode, Tina describes four common post-reconciliation challenges and what parents can do about them.

Have you reconciled with your estranged adult child? Please let Tina know what else you’ve noticed about this delicate stage of the relationship.

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