Episode 32: How to Cope When There’s No Progress

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It’s discouraging for parents when estrangement from an adult child continues for weeks, months or years without any apparent progress.

When your heart-felt letter is returned unopened, you ask yourself, “Now what do I do?” Taking action is the preferred response to painful silence. But it’s not necessarily a productive one.

In this episode, Tina explains why sometimes the best answer to “What should I do next?” is nothing at all. There is wisdom in waiting. Power in silence. Peace in having faith that progress can happen under the surface without your knowledge or participation.

Particularly if your child has asked for space, less is more. Remember that keeping your distance is doing something: It’s honoring the request you’ve received.

From the episode:

“When taking action makes a mess, practice the art of doing less.”

That doesn’t mean you can’t read, reflect, and think deep thoughts while you’re waiting for the situation to evolve…

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