Episode 36: Four Steps to a Better Mother’s Day

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For many moms whose adult children are estranged from them, Mothers Day inspires dread. But at the same time, there’s a secret light of hope shining inside…

Maybe your child will reach out to you even if s/he hasn’t done so recently. Maybe s/he will take the opportunity to reconnect on your special day.

For most parents of estranged adult children, Mothers Day and Fathers Day turn out to be disappointing events. The day only serves to remind them of what they don’t have: A close relationship with their adult child(ren).

They can’t put the day behind them fast enough.

Don’t be one of the thousands of parents who curl up in a ball and wait for the holiday to pass. Or who make plans for a meal or a movie, but still find the day depressing on the whole.

While you can’t control whether your child reaches out to you on Mothers Day, you can control your own experience to a greater degree than many estranged parents realize.

In this episode (use the player below to listen), Tina walks you through four steps to a better Mothers Day, “no matter what.”

So whether or not you hear from your child on your special day, you can plan to make it a good day. Have something to write on while you listen to this one; you might want to start brainstorming.

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