Episode 38: If Your Child “Blows Hot and Cold”

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Your semi-estranged adult child might seem to be coming around. They’re back in contact. They agree to a meeting. The meeting goes great…

But then just like that, they’re gone again.

And after some time, they’re back again, wanting to connect. You feel drawn in by their conciliatory, even loving, attitude…

Until they stop communicating again. Or change their tone for no apparent reason.

This on-again, off-again behavior is enough to give you whiplash. It seems erratic — doesn’t make any sense. You might ask yourself, “Does my child have bipolar disorder (or another mental illness)?”

Frustrated and resentful, many parents become wary of all contact with their child. They’re not sure if they can trust him or her to stick around. They’re wary about opening their hearts and getting hurt again.

In this podcast episode, Tina encourages you to think about patterns and context. It’s likely that your child’s behavior, when understood in these terms, makes a lot more sense than it seems to.

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