Episode 39: Parent-Adult Child Estrangement & Your Self-Esteem

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When an adult child is estranged, the pain of disconnection is in part related to the parent’s level of self-esteem.

Although any parent with a heart will feel the sting of a child’s rejection, those whose self-esteem is injured (i.e., low) feel it far more deeply. The rejection has implications for them that not everyone understands.

In this episode, Tina defines self-esteem as “the absence of baseless shame.” It seems that many people carry a secret, nagging belief that there’s something inherently wrong with them. It’s a baseless shame that serves no useful function.

In addition to making life less pleasant for them, this belief affects all the relationships of a person with low self-esteem. This includes the relationship they share with their children, and the one they have with themselves.

Tina describes specific problems created during estrangement by the parent’s low self-esteem, and what you can do to improve your self-concept.

She also talks about why adult children become estranged after going into therapy. It may not be why you think it is.

If your self-esteem seems lower than it should be…

Or if you’re not sure how you feel about yourself, as a parent or a person…

And if you’re interested in solving the estrangement with your adult child(ren)…

This episode is a must-listen.

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