Episode 42: The Impact of Predictability on Your Chances of Reconciliation

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Many parents estranged from an adult child or children are barely keeping their heads above water when it comes to coping with the estrangement.

They reach out and try to reconcile repeatedly, often feeling rejected, confused, and sometimes resentful when their child doesn’t respond.

When they’ve had enough of being hurt, they withdraw and stop reaching out for a while.

Then when their strength returns, they try again. If they do get a nibble, they may double their efforts to keep a dialog going.

From the point of view of the adult child, the parent’s contact is completely unpredictable. They’re never sure what they’re going to get. It’s like working for a boss who pops in and out unexpectedly, affecting concentration and calm.

Unpredictable contact can have a negative impact on estranged adult children’s willingness to reconcile.

In this episode, Tina shares tips on how to become more predictable in order to foster goodwill between yourself and your child.

Also, she talks about when it’s okay, and even desirable, to be unpredictable.

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