Episode 44: Does Your Child Blame You for Your Divorce?

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“I think she blames me for my divorce.”

If you feel a past divorce might be a motivating factor in your adult child’s estrangement, you’ll want to listen to this week’s episode. Just click on the player below.

It’s rarely the divorce itself that’s keeping adult children up at night. That’s in the past. They lived through the immediate upheaval, and their lives are now on a different track. It’s not as though your child wants you to get back together with your ex so they can live with both of you again…

So is it even true that the divorce is a factor in your child’s estrangement?

If it is, it’s probably not the divorce itself that’s causing your child pain. Now that you’ve come through the actual divorce, any lingering pain or anger your child is experiencing can be addressed in the present, where it’s happening.

As Tina points out in this episode, there’s no need to get into a time machine and go back and do things perfectly. Whatever is wrong, is wrong in the present, and that’s where you can address it.

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