Episode 58: How Long Does Estrangement Typically Last?

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It’s the question on the mind of every rejected parent: How long will this estrangement last?

Since nobody knows the answer to that, parents seek the next best thing: How long does estrangement last in general? That is, what is the “average” or “typical” length of estrangement between parents and adult children?

Unfortunately, we’re a long way from having definitive answers, even about generalities. Tina shares information from the available research, then goes on to discuss four separate factors that are likely to affect the length of your estrangement.

As a parent, you have both more and less influence than it seems when it comes to the duration of this difficult passage.

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For more insights about healing estrangement from an estranged adult child, see Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.


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