The Reconnection Club Turns 5

5 candles birthday cakeFive years ago today, on March 1st, 2019, the Reconnection Club opened its doors to parents suffering from unwanted estrangement by adult children.

Our vision was an online school to help parents understand and address causes of estrangement, so families could come back together and be better than before. We had no idea what a wise and vibrant community would evolve within our membership!

Today we have about 400 active members, all of whom are parents or stepparents of estranged adult children.

In addition to a library full of resources and regular live events, we also have a very active discussion forum. Members help and support each other every day with kindness, compassion and gentle advice born of hard experience.

We’re proud of what the Reconnection Club has become, and very grateful to our members for making the Club such a special, welcoming and productive place to be.

Please help us spread the word: We have room for any parent who values compassion, clarity and personal growth as well as their relationship with their adult child(ren).

And while you’re sharing news of the Reconnection Club, please also tell folks about our textbook and podcast.