Episode 61: Did Therapy Turn Your Adult Child Against You?

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It’s not unusual at all for an adult child to cut off parents after getting into therapy. And that cut-off may extend to other family members, and even old friends.

When this happens, it’s tempting to blame it on therapy. Your child was fine and so was your relationship, until he went into counseling.

If it seems to you as though your child has been brainwashed by a counselor or therapist and that’s why she’s become estranged from family, you’re not alone. But there are underlying assumptions there that might simply not be true.

One is that your child’s therapist is not an ethical professional. And another is that estrangement is not your child’s own idea.

Both of these are statistically questionable, as Tina points out in this informative episode.

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For practical tips on healing estrangement from an estranged adult child, see Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.


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