Episode 63: What You Resist Persists

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When you go in for a vaccination, the nurse might tell you to relax just before he gives you the needle.

Obviously, relaxing is not natural in a situation like this. And yet resisting the needle creates tension, and may even make the shot more painful.

Resistance is not only futile, it often creates more pain than does acceptance. Thus, acceptance of a painful process can actually make it less painful than resistance.

There’s a lesson here for parents of estranged adult children. They naturally resist silence, the inherent rejection, and the estrangement itself.

Importantly, parents also resist their estranged adult children’s versions of their parenting. They defend themselves against unfair or inaccurate depictions of themselves as parents and as people. And while this is natural, it isn’t the best response to estrangement.

Nor is it the best response to any unwanted situation.

In this episode, Tina urges you to embrace the estrangement you don’t want from your child, in order to find peace and freedom in an otherwise losing battle with reality. She explains why acceptance definitely doesn’t mean giving up.

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For practical tips on healing estrangement from an estranged adult child, see Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.


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