Episode 7: Preparing for Unexpected Contact

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Whether your adult child lives in the same city as you, 100 miles away, or on the other side of the globe, it’s always possible that you could be faced with sudden, unexpected contact.

What if he calls or texts you out of the blue? What if you bump into her at the farmer’s market? You may be surprised by spontaneous contact, but you don’t need to be unprepared.

Don’t be like the mom who bumped into her estranged son at the mall. She wasn’t ready for the conversation that ensued, and ended up saying something she immediately regretted.

What she said offended her son, who brought the conversation immediately to a close and walked away. She was left standing there, feeling like she’d blown her only chance to make headway towards reconciliation.

You can avoid this scenario by making sure you’re ready if and when the opportunity arises. This episode offers parents 4 steps to prepare for unforeseen contact with estranged adult children.

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