Episode 71: Three Ways Rejected Parents Give Away Their Power

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It’s common for rejected parents who are unwillingly estranged from an adult child to feel utterly powerless. And that’s a horrible feeling in the face of a breach in an important relationship.

But there are three specific assumptions parents make that leave them truly powerless. These insidious assumptions are:

Your child’s estrangement is entirely about something that happened in the past,

Someone else is controlling (or has brainwashed) your child, and

Your child has a personality disorder that’s making him act this way.

Each of these assumptions in the parent says, in effect, “This estrangement is entirely beyond my control.”

Only when parents give up any hope of having a positive impact on their troubled relationship, are they truly powerless to heal estrangement from their adult children.

But are these assumptions correct? Tina looks at each assumption in this informative episode.

(The other episode mentioned on this show was Episode #62, Personality Disorders and Estrangement.)

For strategies to work toward reconciliation as a parent, see Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.

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