Episode 73: The Mother-Daughter Relationship

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Mothers and daughters have the potential for a very close, lifelong relationship. But not every mother-daughter pair enjoys a harmonious, supportive bond.

You may have seen your friends get together with their grown daughters, and watched them with envy. Your daughter, in contrast, has become estranged. How did this happen, and why?

If the mother-daughter bond is supposed to be so close, why do so many mothers and daughters become estranged?

Mother-daughter relationship coach Rosjke Hasseldine has some important thoughts on that question, and she shares them in this episode.

Listen to an excerpt from Tina’s interview with Rosjke, who is also the author of The Mother-Daughter Puzzle and The Silent Female Scream.

In this excerpt you’ll hear Rosjke discussing the roots of conflict between mothers and daughters – what often goes wrong in this very special relationship, and why the problem extends beyond just you and your daughter.

To learn more about Rosjke’s services, books, and other activities, visit her website, rosjke.com.

For much more on strategies for working toward reconciliation, see Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.

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