Episode 79: How Do Adult Children View Estrangement?

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Parents want to know what adult children are thinking when they cut themselves off from family.

How can they do this? Is it really okay with them? Are they happy?

Research suggests answers to these questions, and Tina shares the information in this informative episode.

Your child’s decisions are guided by what he knows and feels to be true. Sometimes it’s hard for parents to accept their adult child’s view of the situation. The adult child’s decision to create distance within the family can seem extreme, inappropriate or even cruel.

But if you’re a parent seeking reconciliation, then debating or arguing the “facts” of the matter is usually not helpful.

Take the three main pieces of information in this episode as facts. They’ve been revealed again and again by research.

The knowledge of how adult children view estrangement doesn’t necessarily feel good from a parent’s point of view, but accepting them as true will put the power to repair the relationship into your hands.

For more on how to make effective repairs over time while pursuing your own personal growth, Check out Tina’s book, Reconnecting with Your Estranged Adult Child.

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