Episode 85: Supportive, Yes. Doormat, No.

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If you’ve been in the Reconnection Club environment long enough, you’re probably on board with the idea of taking your estranged adult child’s point of view.

You want to be supportive, to validate his thoughts and feelings, while you work on repairing the relationship.

But how do you do that in the face of poor behavior, without feeling like a doormat?

In this week’s show, Tina looks at 3 scenarios where parents are vulnerable to feeling like doormats:

  1. Your adult child only contacts you when she needs something, then disappears again.
  2. Your child uses foul language when he speaks to you, but you don’t want to complain and risk losing contact.
  3. You send invitations and wait for responses that never come, so you never know whether to set another place at the table.

With these examples in mind, learn in this informative episode how to strike a balance between being supportive and being walked on.

For more on the parent-adult child relationship and how parents can make repairs after estrangement, see Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.

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