Episode 87: When You Don’t Get a Response

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Parents of estranged adult children often get no response to messages they send.

With every lack of response, parents become more and more discouraged. They take their child’s silence as continued rejection, and they start to feel powerless.

While it’s true that adult children often don’t respond if they don’t like the message, there are other reasons why they might not reply, even if the messages lands well.

In this inspiring episode (use the player below to listen), Tina suggests that getting a response shouldn’t be considered the only measure of success. As long as they know their messages are helping to restore the relationship, parents can feel good about what they send.

If you’re thinking of offering an apology, or if you’ve sent apologies in the past without apparent effect, make sure you know the elements of an effective apology.

Here’s Lesson 1 from the Reconnection Club’s apology course. (Although this lesson is available to the public, only members can continue through the whole course.)

That’s just one example of how parents can educate themselves to become confident in what they’re sending to their estranged adult children.

Make sure everything you send during an estrangement is both heartfelt and on target.

For more practical tips on how to repair an estranged relationship with your adult child(ren), see Tina’s book, Reconnecting With Your Estranged Adult Child.

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