Coming soon! New Course: Understanding Abuse

For a long time I’ve wanted to create a course for the Reconnection Club library about abuse.

Many of our members haveĀ  histories of abuse, and some also find themselves on the receiving end of disclosures of abuse.

Easier Said Than Done

I knew I wanted to help our members who were grappling with the subject. But creating a course about abuse is easier said than done. Questions immediately arose as I sat down to brainstorm…

How do I talk about this in a way that’s informative but not unnecessarily triggering?

Which aspects of the topic do people need to know about?

How do I handle such a complex topic in a short course? Even if I knew everything there was to know about abuse, which I don’t, how would I begin to organize the information?

Frankly, I was overwhelmed.

Getting Help

I spent almost a year consulting with colleagues and making notes before actually sitting down and starting to create the course. After that, there were several false starts.

Fortunately I sought and received input from several trauma specialists, one of whom generously made and donated a very helpful video.

The result of this prolonged preparation is a new course called “Understanding Abuse.” It will be a 7-lesson course — our longest one yet — that will cover not everything you’ll ever need to know about abuse, but just what abuse is, what it’s not, how to think about it, and how to begin to heal if there’s abuse, or allegations of abuse, in your family.

As a Reconnection Club member, you’ll be able to access this course any time in the Courses & Workshops section of our Library once the course is released.

I hope as a result of taking the course, you’ll find the topic of abuse just a little bit more manageable. While the course won’t cover every possible scenario, it will give you a structure for thinking about abuse, and dealing with it effectively.

Look for “Understanding Abuse” in the library next week.

– Tina