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Coming soon! New Course: Understanding Abuse

For a long time I’ve wanted to create a course for the Reconnection Club library about abuse. Many of our members have  histories of abuse, and some also find themselves on the receiving end of disclosures of abuse. Easier Said Than Done I knew I wanted to help our members who were grappling with the

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2022 MBFS Summit Interview with Tina Gilbertson

The Moving Beyond Family Struggles Summit, hosted by Family Support Resources (FSR), this year featured 26 experts in the field of family estrangement, communication, relationships and personal growth. The entire 2022 Moving Beyond Family Struggles Summit, including all videos and other materials, is available for purchase through FSR.  However, FSR has generously provided the Reconnection

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Bookmark These Summit Links for Each Day

Hey everyone, Yasmin Kerkez sent me the access links for each of the four days of the Moving Beyond Family Struggles Summit 2022, and invited me to share them with you. Two things: You must be registered (use the link above or click the pic), and Each day opens at 9am US Pacific Time /

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Moving Beyond Family Struggles Summit 2022

If you’ve been around here a while, you might remember last year’s wonderful Moving Beyond Family Struggles Summit, conceived and hosted by Yasmin Kerkez of Family Support Resources. I was honored to be interviewed by Yasmin for that Summit, and I have the honor and pleasure again this year to be part of Day 2

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Announcement: RC Podcast Schedule Change

Happy New Year! We have exciting plans to expand our library in 2022 by creating a variety of new resources for our members. That will necessarily mean spending more time on member-only content, and less time on the podcast. So… Starting this month, new episodes of The Reconnection Club Podcast will be released every other

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New Study Highlights Differences in Perceptions of Estrangement Cause

Inside the Reconnection Club, parents help each other try to understand the reasons for their adult children’s decision to create distance. The need for this kind of perspective-taking was highlighted by a study recently published in the journal Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice. According to this article, the study found that almost 80%

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Are You Overreacting?

Pain is a normal and expected reaction to the loss of important relationships. But for some parents rejected by adult children, ordinary pain is made worse by unhealed injuries from the past. (See also The Deep Pain of the Rejected Parent) If you’ve been hurt deeply or often in your life, even a healthy response

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Why “Teaching Someone a Lesson” Doesn’t Work

It’s so human to want to teach someone a lesson when they’re behaving badly. Maybe because of the fundamental attribution error (we attribute other people’s behavior to temperament, ours to circumstances), we tend to focus on correcting poor behavior in other people. We aren’t quite as ardent when it comes to scrutinizing ourselves. I think

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How long does estrangement last?

The Readiness Factor

In every relationship, there’s always the possibility that one of you is ready to take a new step when the other is not. As a parent unwillingly estranged from one or more of your adult children, you can do everything right, say all the right things, and still not get to reconciliation if the timing

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