Feeling Insecure in Relationships

I don’t always share my relationship-themed PsychologyToday.com posts with estranged parents. Often they’re just not relevant to this audience.

But today’s post struck me as being maybe a little bit more interesting, at least to some parents.

Several Reconnection Club members have been talking in our forums about relationships in general.  They’re sharing that they learned not to trust people to be there for them, and they’re reflecting on how that has affected their desires for the relationships they share with their children.

It occurred to me that even though my blog post (see link below) is aimed at partner relationships, there might be some takeaways for all kinds of people. Especially those who might have a bit more of a hard time with trust. Those who’ve been let down by relationships too many times.

If you identify as someone who sometimes feels a little bit insecure in certain relationships, have a look and let me know what you think:

Feeling Insecure in Your Relationship?

RC members, please post your thoughts in the General Discussion forum, or wherever you’re talking about insecurity in relationships.