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New research on estrangement between parents and adult children

If you’ve ever wondered what the research says about parent-adult child estrangement, you’ll be interested to learn about a study published recently in the Journal of Marriage and Family. This U.S.-based study is important for unwillingly …
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Breathing Matters

Breathing is part of the language of coping with difficult circumstances. We tell ourselves, and each other, “Remember to breathe.” (Don’t hold your breath.) “Breathe though it.” (Tolerate the pain.) “Breathe into it.” (What we resist, …
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Estrangement and Broken-Heart Syndrome

Do you prefer listening to reading? This topic is also the subject of Episode 145 of The Reconnection Club Podcast.  *   *   * As if being estranged from your adult child(ren) weren’t bad enough, the stress …
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Emotions of Estrangement

Do you prefer listening to reading? There’s an episode of the Reconnection Club Podcast on this same topic. Listen now: Ep 139: Emotions of Estrangement  *   *   * When you first realize you’ve become estranged from …
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January Blues? Leave the Goal-Setting Till Later

At the beginning of every new year, there’s a load of messages out there about making a new start. But not everyone has the energy to do that in January. For parents of estranged adult children, …
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Reconnect With Good Feelings During Estrangement

How would you feel if your estranged adult child came back into your life today, with a kind and open heart? What if you could hold a beloved grandchild, or take part in a family gathering, …
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Self-Care for Parents of Estranged Adult Children

Do you prefer listening to reading? We some audio for you, based on this article. Check out Reconnection Club Podcast #132: Self-Care for Parents of Estranged Adult Children.  *   *   * For parents of estranged adult …
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7 Ways to Waste Your Time When Your Adult Child Is Estranged

Do you prefer listening to reading? For an audio treatment of this article, listen to Reconnection Club Podcast Episode 129: 7 Ways Parents Waste Time During Estrangement.  *   *   * If your adult child is currently …
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Personal Healing: More Than a Detour for Rejected Parents

When it comes to repairing your relationship with your estranged adult child(ren), as a parent it’s important to understand one thing: You are the bedrock, the foundation and the base for that relationship. If an earthquake …
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