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The Escalation Trap

Do you prefer listening to reading? Listen to an audio treatment of this article in the form of RC Podcast Episode 123: The Escalation Trap.  *   *   * If your estranged adult child or children requested …
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Make a Detailed Plan to Get Through Special Days

I’ve suggested elsewhere that every estranged parent should have a detailed plan on their special day, whether it be Mothers or Fathers Day, your birthday, the holidays, or any day when you wonder if an estranged …
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The Good Parent’s Biggest Blind Spot

Do you prefer listening to reading? RC Podcast Episodes 125 and 126 provide an audio treatment of this topic.  *   *   * You were a conscientious parent. When your child(ren) came into your life, you wanted …
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How to Get Estrangement Help Without Spending Money

More and more resources are popping up these days, offering support for people suffering from family estrangement. This is certainly a good thing; my great-grandparents had no help at all in repairing their relationship with their …
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Inviting Estranged Adult Children Home For the Holidays

Now that the holiday season is here, parents are wondering whether to issue invitations to estranged adult children. In many cases, the simple answer is No. Don’t invite them home for the holidays. Allowing your adult …
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The Biology of Connection

When I started the Reconnection Club Podcast back in 2019, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I hoped the brief weekly episodes would provide rejected parents with useful information and inspiration for reconnecting with their estranged …
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What to Do, When You Don’t Know What to Do

Do you prefer listening to reading? Hear the Reconnection Club Podcast episode on this topic, Episode 167: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do.  *   *   * If you’ve been estranged from your …
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Knowing vs. Doing

Do you prefer listening to reading? You can hear an audio version of this topic here: Reconnection Club Podcast Episode 110: Knowing vs.  Doing Otherwise, scroll down to read the article now.  *   *   * We’ve …
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What Are You Working On?

Many Reconnection Club members are working on letters of apology to their estranged adult children. They’ve decided that an apology is appropriate, but in thinking about it, they bump into the fact that it’s not always …
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