Is Your Estranged Child on a Power Trip?

Our next podcast episode will look more closely at the behavior of estranged adult children to determine whether they’re getting some sort of thrill out of pulling you this way and that.

In the meantime, I’ve written an article over on about an alternative interpretation of power-hungry-seeming behavior in general.

When it comes to estrangement, we know from the research (and from talking to anyone who’s decided to cut off one or more family members) that self-protection is the #1 reason for that decision.

Which means that, at least in some cases, if a person seems controlling, capricious, etc. about contact, it’s not because of a power trip. It’s because they’re worried about what might happen if they don’t control the details.

Check out the article, written for a general audience, and let me know what you think:

One Way to Deal with Someone on a Power Trip

And also listen to Episode 4 of the Reconnection Club Podcast, “Is Your Child on a Power Trip?”

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