We Used to Respect Our Elders

respect for parentsOne of our members’ posts in the Community last month inspired me to write about respect. Painful and rampant might be the best way to describe the experience of feeling disrespected by your estranged adult child(ren).

It’s bad enough to lose contact and connection with your child. But that feeling of denigration, the lack of respect, adds another layer of “awful.”

What exactly has changed since we were kids? Did we, as a generation, fail to train our children to observe respect for their elders? Has the educational system let us down? Or is something else going on?

If kids learned respect for parents and elders at home, why aren’t they practicing it?

Some of these questions will have to be left to the sociologists. In my article, I focus on the difference between respect as a feeling, and respect as an action.

Here’s the article on PsychologyToday.com: https://bit.ly/2wRNE3Z

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