Episode 35: Why Rejected Parents Act Impulsively (And How Not To)

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Have you ever sent a text or email to your estranged adult child that you later regretted? Most rejected parents have done something like this at one time or another. If you haven’t yet, you probably will… unless you listen to this episode (use the player below to listen). Regrets often follow from behavior that’s …

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Staying Connected (to Yourself) During Estrangement

Living with estrangement from an adult child or children is like living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You’re often in your own world of pain. You may spend a lot of time in your head, in the past or future, more than in your body and the present moment. The “here and now” of your …

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Why We Act Impulsively (And How Not To)

I recently attended a 2-day training with J. Eric Gentry, an expert on trauma and grief. During the training, I found myself thinking about what Dr. Gentry called “the threat response” and how it might affect estrangement and reconciliation between parents and adult children. There’s something important to understand about dealing with any stressful situation: …

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